Hi!! Please pardon how unpolished or boring this site looks, I'm still learning! I started to code on and off in mid-late January, and this is largely a hobby for me. However, I'm always interested in learning more. This site will forever be ever-changing, so please be paitient!!.

other stuff i have

true crime diary

development log

6/24/22 Edited the front page & learned more coding stuff ^u^

5/11/22 Edited formatting on Armin Meiwes page

5/3/22 wrote more for armin meiwes article (including sources) & added link to it on true crime page. Added more on to-do page. Created diary page & added link to it.

to do

add shrines for occeus, karamatsu, hermes costello

add a general interest/infodump page (for analysis/thoughts)

maybe a gloomy bear page

talking about weird stuff around the internet

figure out a citation style